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Web Homage

Web Homage

This page serves two purposes. One, I wanted to pay my deep respects to those web designers and coders that have influenced the design of this site. Second, I want to provide Christian video-gaming links for those who are interested in my vision for the future of Christian CRPGs.

Web Page Design

  • SonSpring by Nathan Smith - This is the homepage of one of my friends from my days at Asbury Seminary. He is an impeccable web designer/coder and his work has been very inspirational to me. He even indirectly helped me decide how I was going to have hosted.
  • Eric Meyer's CSS page - Eric Meyer is a true CSS master and his work has helped me grasp many CSS concepts much more quickly than I ever would have on my own. He was the mastermind behind the fixed backgrounds featured here, as well as the pure CSS popup menu system.
  • Godbit Forums - A community of highly talented Christian web designers and programmers. They are committed to seeing Christian communities and churches have a standards-based, more beautiful, and more functional presence on the web.
  • - Ok. Maybe this doesn't specifically belong in "Web Page Design", but rather in a section of its own: "Web Programming". However, to my knowledge this site contains just about everything pertaining to PHP. It has a wonderful manual of language constructs and functions, and experts have sounded off with their uses of various functions. I can't tell you how many times I've used this in the course of the little PHP development I have done, and I'm sure I will continue to use it for a long time to come.

Christian CRPG Links

  • The Guildhall at SMU - An educational program at Southern Methodist University that specializes in training people to be hired in the gaming industry.
  • The Rebel Planet - Website of a company that is making Computer Role Playing Games... check it out!
  • Christian Gaming - Striving to be a comprehensive site dedicated to promoting Christian gaming, where Christians can go to get information about online, computer and console games which are of interest to Christians. They are also trying to get Project X developed to create a massively multiplayer online game specifically designed from the ground up for Christians.
  • Christian RPG Players - This site's purpose is to provide a place to meet other Christian RPG players and fellowship. They are committed to providing accurate and honest information about role-playing games to help Christians (players or not) to make informed decisions about the hobby.
  • Religion & Roleplaying - The reflections of a " former ordained minister and a long-time role-player".