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Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Welcome. My name is Jeff Ludwig, and I have a passion for Jesus, programming, and web development/design. This website is a manifestation of my hope and earnest prayer that the Lord Jesus would use me to spread His Gospel, penetrating even the world of cyberspace.

Jeff's Story

or... why I want to write Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs) with a Christian ethos

Welcome. My name is Jeff, and I am a Jesus Freak, a computer geek, and a Role Playing Game addict. (Pauses for affirming "Hi, Jeff")

Thank you. I've been playing CRPGs since Dragon Warrior thundered onto the scene as Nintendo's first RPG that they strongly marketed. Well, truth be told, I even played Telengard (remember Avalon Gill?) on my Commodore 64.

Not long after I got interested in playing CRPGs, I also became interested in what makes them tick. How they were programmed. I wanted to know how to make my characters invincible to physical damage (and believe me, if you've ever played Telengard, you know how easy it was to get nuked, and you also know how unreliable save games were on those old 1541 disk drives!) It was in C-64 BASIC that I got my start in programming.

Computer games have come a long way since then. So have I... I became a Christian in early October of 1996. It was then that I became aware of God working in my life through His Spirit to make me more like Him, and to desire the things that He desires.

That doesn't just mean that God wanted to teach me to pray every now and then, go to church every Sunday, make me stop swearing, and do a couple of "spiritual" things during the week (such as Bible Study), and that was it. Thank God! God wants to redeem my entire life. How often as a young Christian have I wondered about my love of video games, prayed about it, and suspected that God was not pleased with my hobby!

By the grace of God, I desire to know Jesus Christ as my Redeemer. The Redeemer of my entire life, and even my love for video gaming, and my love of programming of CRPGs. The Giver and Redeemer of all my gifts. I want to worship Him with all that He has given to me.

In light of the many recent CRPGs which have been quite disturbing to me in terms of their content, I believe it is time for me to begin getting serious about honing my programming and finding like-minded Christian geeks (it's a positive term!) in order to press on towards the vision God has given me.


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Programming projects

One of my hobbies is video game programming. During the past few years my project has been a comprehensive computer role playing system. You can read about the current state of the project here.VoE_DX

Web design/development services

Need a website built or redesigned? Whether you are building an internet presence for your ministry, your business or yourself, or whether you are maintaining the presence you have already established, the task can seem daunting especially if you do not have the time to put into it. I can help to minimize the difficulties and frustrations inherent in the process.

I specialize in building websites for small businesses and Christian ministries. I love to do this and I am glad to offer this service in the Lord's name. Therefore, you can be assured that your project will be handled with the utmost care and efficiency, as befitting of true worship to the King of Kings. If you wish to know more, please visit my professional portfolio site. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to make your online presence a reality!